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YouTube Premium 3-Month Free Trial

For a limited time, Google is offering people a free 3-month trial to its YouTube Premium subscription. If you’re tired of all the ads as you binge on YouTube, this is for you!

Ninja Update 3/16/22: For a limited time, Best Buy is offering a free 3-month trial of YouTube Premium. Link provided below.

What’s Included In YouTube Premium?

Ever since YouTube launched in 2005, it has become the place to watch anything video-related; viral videos, memes, music releases – you name it, YouTube has it.

However, it’s still a business in it to make money, so it’s been adding more ads to its videos. YouTube is starting to feel like watching TV – you get to an exciting part and before the climax unfolds… commercials.

Enter YouTube Premium, a monthly subscription that lets you watch videos without all the annoying ads. It also has other benefits too!

YouTube Premium offers three main advantages over regular YouTube:

  1. No ads = you’re able to watch as many videos as you want ad-free
  2. Downloads = the ability to download your favorite videos and watch it offline
  3. YouTube Music Premium = listen to music ad-free offline
YouTube Premium benefits

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Where Do I Sign Up For The Free Trial Of YouTube Premium?

Direct Link

Ninja Note: Love free trials? Look for other ones on our site here.

If the offer doesn’t show up when you click on the link and instead shows a 1-month free trial, try doing it in incognito mode. This method is working for some readers and a few are even getting a 4-month promotion!

Once you sign up, the 3-month clock immediately begins and YouTube will charge you the regular rate of $11.99 a month at the end of the third month.

YouTube Premium 3-month trial offer

Ninja Tip: Don’t make it hard on yourself. Cancel immediately after you sign up. You’ll still get the three months for free, but it won’t automatically charge you for the fourth month.

Best Buy Free 3-Month Trial Of YouTube Premium

Best Buy Promo

For a limited time, Best Buy is giving away a free trial of YouTube Premium. The free trial is the same 3-month duration as the YouTube promo, so try the Best Buy link if the main one doesn’t work!

What If I’m Still Not Getting The Free 3-Month Trial?

There are two other options that will save you money. From the same link above, YouTube is also offering:

  • Student Plan = one month free trial and then $6.99/month (requires .edu email address)
  • Family Plan = one month free trial and then $17.99/month (up to 5 family members)

How Do I Cancel My YouTube Premium Subscription?

Go to or your YouTube app and click on your profile icon. A drop-down menu will appear. Find and select the “Paid memberships” line – this is where you can cancel your subscription.

Alternatively, for the lazy ninjas, you can get to it here.

Other Free Trials:

The Bottom Line

Good deal worth $36 dollars – just signed up myself. Besides the money, you save yourself valuable time not watching ads.

I recently launched a YouTube channel for The Money Ninja – feel free to check it out and subscribe to my channel. I plan on expanding to videos soon!

15 thoughts on “YouTube Premium 3-Month Free Trial”

  1. I did it with other way Surfshark (VPN)
    2.connect to a server that is compatible with the country of the gift (if your country is not on the list dont worry)
    3.sign in to your Google Account at Youtube that has never got premium. google chrome and write
    5.Put the Reedem Code
    6.then you will see 3 months free premium just put a payment method but before you confirm put the postal code of the country and city of your choice from VPN.

    And Now You Have 3 Months Free Youtube Premium!!!

    After that Close the VPN and cancel the automatic payments and delete all cookies and cache from your browser and Youtube!

    ENJOY 😉

  2. There’s actually a Free Extension for Google users to Block Ads on Youtube, you can use it if you want just seach “uBlock Origin”.

  3. I went “In Cognito”.
    It only worked for the 1 month.

    Then it asked me to sign in, and is charging me the monthly rate of $11.99/mo.
    Not sure what to do anymore. I hate ads!!

    • Unfortunately, not everyone is getting the 3-months (or sometimes 4-months) free offer. I hate ads too! Once you’re on YouTube Premium, it’s hard to get off. YouTube does have discounts for students and families if that applies to you.

  4. Incognito worked! Attempting to sign up for 3 month free trial Premium. When I get to last page where credit is required I notice trial is only 1 month. Turned incognito mode on and the 3 month trial showed up!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. i got the 3 months through Chrome incognito, going to switch to the student plan after. perks of being a 40-year old grad student!


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