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Arcadia Power $10 Referral Bonus For Both Parties & $1,000 For 10 Referrals

Arcadia Power Overview

Arcadia Power allows you to pay your electric bill with a credit card for free and you don’t have to switch your energy provider to do so. Additionally, Arcadia contributes 50% of your energy use into clean energy for no costs. The company is well-funded and has been in business since 2013.

Customers love Arcadia because they’re earning credit card rewards to pay for their utility bill where normally they wouldn’t be able to and they feel good about helping green energy initiatives.

I previously reviewed Arcadia Power and use it myself to earn credit card points and miles. Other useful things Arcadia can do you for are:

  1. Get Better Electric Rates: You can opt-in and have Arcadia Power monitor your energy use and what you’re paying for electricity. It will scan local energy providers and if they find one with lower rates, it will switch you over automatically. I love this because you’re saving money without even spending your own valuable time.
  2. Change To 100% Green Energy: Like I said earlier, Arcadia Power contributes 50% of your energy consumption for free. If you would Arcadia to offset 100% of your energy use, they can do that for a cost of just 1.5 centers per kWh. They’ll also send you LED light bulbs for free for doing so.
  3. Buy Community Solar Panels: If you want solar energy, but don’t want or can’t have solar panels on your roof, you can buy solar panels that’s installed at a remote community solar farm. Every panel you buy will save you around $50 per month.

Arcadia Power Referral Program

$10 Referral Bonus

Arcadia Power is absolutely free to join and connects to your local utility company automatically. Once you sign up (and get $10 for doing so), you’ll be able to pay your electric bill online and opt-in for any other options that you’re interested in.

And now that you have an account, you’ll be able to refer your friends and family to join. Once someone signs up with your referral link, you both will get a $10 referral bonus.

Arcadia Power $10 referral bonus and $1,000 bonus for 10 referrals
(Image from Arcadia)

Invite 10 Friends To Arcadia Power & Get $1,000

If you get 10 people to sign up with Arcadia Power, you’ll also get a $1,000 bonus towards your electric bill!

So not only will you get $10 for each person you refer, but you’ll get an additional $1,000 referral bonus when you get 10 sign-ups.

This works out to a total of $1,100 in bonuses; $100 in normal referral bonuses ($10 x 10 people) and $1,000 when you reach 10 referrals.

How To Get Sign Up For Arcadia Power & Get Started With $10

  1. Sign up using this Arcadia Power $10 referral link to get started.
  2. Click on “Check availability” to see if it’s available in your area (Arcadia Power is available nationwide).
  3. Complete the registration process to open your free Arcadia Power account.
  4. Visit the “Bill Pay” section of your account and register for the free bill pay service (this lets you pay your electric bill with your credit card with no transaction fees or surcharges).
  5. Receive the $10 referral bonus that will be credited to your electric bill on the following month.

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The Bottom Line

Arcadia Power is a great service and I love using it! It allows my to pay my electric bill with my credit card and earn cash back/points/miles while contributing to green energy at the same time – all for free.

I also like that for spreading the word about its awesome platform, I’m getting paid $10 for each referral. This is a service I would easily recommend to friends and family for free, so the referral money is just cherry on top. That huge $1,000 referral bonus once you refer 10 friends is pretty sweet too.

How have you ninjas taken advantage of Arcadia Power? Anyone else using other services they provide besides the free bill pay with a credit card?

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