How To Get A Free BJ’s Membership

Looking for a free membership to BJ’s Wholesale Club? You’re in the right spot as this post will share how to get a free BJ’s membership from 1-day shopping passes to 3-month free trials! Explore all the free membership offers below!

BJ’s Free Membership Offers

BJ’s has several membership options, with the lowest annual membership starting at $55 a year (Inner Circle Membership) and the highest annual membership costing $110 a year (Perks Rewards Membership).

While some may find it crazy to pay a fee for the right to shop, there are reasons why 5.5 million people are BJ members:

  • Grocery prices are 25% lower than grocery stores (and BJs also accepts manufacturer coupons)
  • Low gas prices at club pumps via BJ’s Gas Savings Program with special offers that reduce gas prices up to another 30¢ per gallon

So if you want to test out what the hype is about, why not get a free membership or day-pass and try it out?

Below are all the ways you can get free access to BJ’s Wholesale Club!

BJ’s 3-Month Free Trial Membership

Enrollment Link

Ninja Update: BJ’s Wholesale Club has ended the 3-month free trial offer. I’ll update this post when it becomes available again. Scroll down for current BJ’s offers.

BJ’s 3-Month Free Trial membership allows you to experience the full benefits of a Member.

This offer works for new members only and you can only get one of these trial memberships per household.

Simply enroll via the link above and then come to a BJ’s store to show a photo ID at a member services desk in order to get your member card. No payment is required and the whole club won’t automatically renew your membership when it expires.

BJ’s 1-Day Shopping Pass

Enrollment Link

BJ’s 1-Day Online Pass allows non-Member guests to experience the benefits of BJ’s Online Access Membership for 24 hours without purchasing a membership from

  • Guests enrolled in BJ’s 1-Day Online Pass are restricted to BJ’s “Ship It” service only. Free “In-Club Pickup” and “Same-Day Delivery” are not permitted.
  • Guests enrolled in BJ’s 1-Day Online Pass are not able to use clipped coupons, but will receive BJ’s wholesale price for “Ship It” orders.

50%+ Off BJ’s Inner Circle Membership

Enrollment Link

Love BJ’s and want to become a member for a full year? For a limited time, you can get an annual membership for just $25 (normally $55)!

That’s more than 50% in savings!

The Inner Circle Membership gets you:

  • 25% off supermarket/grocery store prices
  • Same-day delivery on online orders (in as little as 2 hours)
  • Shop and pick your order up in the store
  • Super low gas prices every day

Unfortunately, this specific offer is not valid in the Chesterfield, MI; Madison Heights, MI; Taylor, MI; Pensacola, FL; Long Island City, NY; and Newburgh, NY clubs.

The best part about this offer? If you’re not happy with your membership, BJ’s will give you a 100% refund!

The Bottom Line

My parents shopped at BJ’s when I was a kid. They loved the savings. There are so many everyday items you can save money on, especially if you buy them in bulk.

The place kept kids busy too while the parents shopped – I have very fond memories there. Our local store had a Sega Genesis set up for children and I remembered playing Altered Beast for hours with my brother… I may have aged myself 🙂

Now as an adult, I split my time between BJ’s and their other warehouse club competitors – Costco and Sam’s Club. BJ’s has a slight edge on the other two clubs because they’re the only club that allows manufacturer coupons.

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