Coronavirus: What It Means For This Site

Coronavirus written on a mask over red background

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a once-in-a-lifetime virus that is quickly spreading all over the world. As people are forced to adapt to a new way of life until the crisis is under control, we’re also going to adapt our content to help those who are most impacted …

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December 2019 Blog Income Report

Featured image of December 2019 Blog Income Report

Hey there The Money Ninja readers! Welcome to my first ever blog income report! Money can be a taboo topic, but since this is a personal finance site where I’m showing readers how to make more money, save it better, and spend it more wisely – …

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How I Got Paid $1,000 From An Airline Flight Delay

Airplane with sunset in the background

You can get paid next time your flight is delayed or cancelled. Here’s how I got paid $1,000 when United delayed my flight. Flight delays and cancellations cause major inconveniences and seem to be happening ever more frequently. If your flight gets delayed long enough, you …

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Top 10 Ways To Make Money On Your Phone

Two girls holding money

There’s quite a few posts out there that tells you how to make money, but most of the things they recommend requires an investment. Like yeah, you can invest in stocks, but you need cash available to do that. Here, we’ll list other ways you can …

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