21 Tips On How To Save Money On Gas

Man getting gas at gas station vector illustration hero image

Every time we hope that low gas prices will stick around for a while, it does the opposite and ends up higher than where we’d prefer it to be. In fact, gas prices have been rising weekly, sitting at their one-year highs. The national average for …

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Amazon Music Unlimited 3-Month Free Trial

Amazon Music Unlimited hero image

For a limited time, Amazon is offering people a free 3-month trial to Amazon Music Unlimited. If you want to listen to an unlimited amount of songs; anytime, anywhere, then this is for you! Ninja Update 6/14/21: Some people are getting an offer for 4 months …

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How To Watch Paramount Plus For Free

How to watch Paramount+ for free hero image

I’ll show you how to watch Paramount+ for free! Whether you’re a new user or previous customer, here are ways you can get a free trial of Paramount+ (previously known as CBS All Access)! Ninja Note: On March 24, 2021, CBS All Access was renamed Paramount …

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How To Find Your Santander Bank Routing Number

Bank routing number hero image

Finding the routing number for Santander Bank can be difficult. I’m here to help! Here’s how to find your Santander Bank Routing number. When I turned 16, my mom helped me open a Fleet Bank savings account so I could deposit money from my first part-time …

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The Best Places To Put Your Savings

Saving money in blue piggy bank hero image

While a savings account at a local bank is the most convenient place to save money, it’s probably not the best choice. There are many options to consider based on your savings goals and time horizons. Find out the best places to put your savings in …

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Making $100,000 A Year And Still Struggling

Young woman struggling looking at bills

A new reader of The Money Ninja sent an email to us that she is making $100,000 a year and still struggling to make ends meet. Here’s her story, what her expenses are, and what I recommend to her in order to get back on the …

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