Get 15% Off Home Depot By Completing Online Workshop

Want a Home Depot 15% off coupon? Just complete a Home Depot online workshop and get a 15% coupon sent directly to your email!

Home Depot Workshops

Home Depot workshops are free classes that Home Depot normally hosts in their stores. Their expert associates can help you take on projects, teach you how your home works, and learn what tools are recommended for the job.

Home Depot workshop conducted in-store

With coronavirus, they’re now conducting these as digital workshops that you can live-stream online.

Home Depot 15% Off Online Workshop Offer

Direct Link

Ninja Update 8/14/21: If you can’t find an available ‘Homeowner 101’ workshop, there’s also an 8% cash back offer through Swagbucks. If you sign up through this link, you’ll get a $13 bonus.

Shopping in-store? Home Depot has an 11% rebate in several states. Details in this post.

Shopping online? Home Depot has a $5 off $50 coupon that you can get immediately via a text alert.

Home Depot is offering customers a 15% coupon when you finish any workshop. An email that includes the 15% coupon code will be sent upon completion.

Home Depot digital workshops

Here’s how to get the coupon:

  1. Click the direct link above
  2. Enter your zip code to display all the available digital workshops
  3. Tap on the “Check Availability” button in orange
  4. Choose the day and time and click on the “Register” button in gray

That’s it!

Home Depot "Register Now" for online digital workshop

15% Coupon Terms & Conditions

  • Maximum discount of $200
  • This offer cannot be combined with any other discount, offer, promotion or special incentive program
  • Offer is not valid for payment on any The Home Depot credit account
  • Valid until the expiration date shown on the workshop selected


The Bottom Line

Be sure you’re registering for a “Homeowner 101” workshop, as other workshops aren’t eligible.

The 11% Home Depot discount is nice, but it requires you to buy it in-store. This one is online and gives you 15% off instead.

The maximum amount of the discount is generous too at $200, which means you need to spend $1,333.33+ to reach the cap.

50 thoughts on “Get 15% Off Home Depot By Completing Online Workshop”

  1. Wondering how long the coupon takes to arrive!? I’ve been join the class but didn’t receive any coupon after done the class.

    • I just saw that they do not do it anymore.
      While we are no longer offering a 15% off coupon for attending this workshop, you will benefit from expert advice to help you make the most of your next outdoor project.

  2. I’ve gone and tried to register for a workshop today and every single workshop is full and taking no more new registrations, maybe I will have more luck for June or July. It is very sad. I really want a 15% coupon to buy a lawn mower (to me $289.00 is expensive). I want a coupon to save some money no to sell it and take advantage.

    • It has to be a 101 workshop. I completed a workshop recently and when I didn’t get the coupon I noticed it wasn’t a 101 workshop. Bummer!!! I really wanted to use it to make a purchase. I actually join workshops to learn and shop. I wish Home Depot would find a way to discourage people from selling coupon. Not cool!

    • You know it’s not lazy. I’ve just gone and tried to register for a 101 workshop from 4/19 and went through the entire calendar into May. Every single workshop says full and taking no more new registrations. If this is a 15% coupon that works for almost everything and gets you up to $200 off, then there are probably lots of scammers and bots registering and filling these things up to get a 15% off coupon that then then turn around and sell for $30 plus on eBay, or wherever. It’s a total crock. sit back, create email accounts, and then take all the sign ups, to make a profit off all the coupons. Total crap.


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