Get $20 Off At Amazon By Using Your American Express Card

Here’s your chance to get $20 off at Amazon by using your American Express card to make a single purchase of $50 or more! Unlike most Amazon offers that are targeted, this appears to be working for everyone.

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The Offer

Direct Link To Offer

There isn’t an enrollment page or link that your need to click since this is working for everyone. Just use your American Express card to make a single purchase of $50 or more and get a $20 credit off a future purchase.

The $20 credit can only be used at Amazon Moments Store. The Amazon Moments Store is simply a list of products on Amazon that has 4 stars or higher.

Get $20 off at Amazon after you make a single purchase of $50 or more using your American Express card

Like all other Amazon promotions, you need to spend $50 or more on items that are shipped and sold by Amazon. There are some items that are sold by third parties and only shipped by Amazon. It needs to be both.

Most folks don’t even notice this, but there’s an easy way to tell. On each product page, underneath the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons, it states who it’s shipped and sold by. Make sure it says “Ships from and sold by” like the picture below:

Sometimes this sentence is found in other areas around the price. Here’s a Black+Decker String Trimmer that shows it’s shipped and sold by Amazon.

Other Important Details

This is valid for American Express consumer cards only, not business cards.

Ninja Update: According to feedback, it looks like American Express business cards are eligible too! We have data points that it has worked for someone with a Business Platinum card and another with a Blue Business Cash card.

Ninja Update #2: Using your Amazon gift card balance works too as long as your American Express card is listed as the back-up payment method during check-out!

It also has to be directly issued by American Express, not a partner. Basically, any consumer card found on the American Express web site is good, but cards like the Wells Fargo Propel American Express is not because it’s issued by Wells Fargo and AMEX is just the payment network it partners with.

Other Amazon Promotions:

Terms & Conditions

  • Offer can only be redeemed once per customer per account.
  • Offer expires on 7/22/2020.
  • $20 promotional credit expires 8/22/2020.
  • Only items that are sold and shipped by or Amazon Digital Services LLC qualify for this promotion (look for “sold by” or “sold by Amazon Digital Services LLC” on the product detail page).
  • Purchases of Amazon e-gift cards do not qualify for this promotion.
  • If you remove any of the participating promotional items from your Shopping Cart or violate any of the terms and conditions listed below, your order will no longer qualify for the promotion.
  • If you return any of the items involved in the promotion, Amazon reserves the right to remove the promotional credit.

The Bottom Line

It’s been a while since Amazon offered a promotion widely available. It’s not as great as the other credit card promotions where the discount is taken off on the same order, but at the same time, it doesn’t require you to use points.

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