Upside Restaurant Promo Code NINJA10 Gives You Extra 10% Cash Back

Use the Upside restaurant promo code NINJA10 to earn an additional 10% cash back on your restaurant bill!

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GetUpside Overview

Upside (formerly GetUpside) is one of the best cash back apps available and a personal favorite here at The Money Ninja.

The app allows you to earn cash back on every gallon of gas you purchase. I gave it an 8.8 out of 10 stars when I reviewed their gas program and shared gas promo codes to save users even more money.

Today, I’m excited to tell everyone that Upside is expanding its cash back rewards to restaurants! Now you can earn up to 45% back on your restaurant bill. Plus, I have an exclusive Upside restaurant promo code that will give you an additional 10% cash back bonus!

Upside Restaurant Promo Code

The Upside restaurant promo code NINJA10 will save users an additional 10% off their restaurant bill or grocery bill and works for both new and existing users:

Promo CodeCash Back
NINJA1010% restaurants/supermarkets

New users can download the app with this link to have the promo applied automatically or enter the code manually if you’re already a Upside user.

Participating Restaurants

You may be asking “doesn’t Upside already have a restaurant cash back program?”

Yes, but until recently it looked something like this:

GetUpside restaurant promo code image 1
(Screenshot from Upside)

I live in Boston and only the Burger King restaurant chain is available. While 40% cash back is impressive, I can’t eat a Whopper every single day 🙂

Other cities like Chicago have establishments like Tatte, Qdoba, and Rati Modern Mediterranean listed. That’s a little better, but the choices are still pretty meager:

GetUpside restaurant promo code image 2
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

This recent expansion adds a hefty 1,519 restaurants to Upside’s footprint, which includes the following cities:

Geographic AreaNew Restaurants Added
Austin, TX294
Boston, MA56
Chicago, IL303
Hartford & New Haven, CT30
Houston, TX294
Los Angeles, CA2
Minneapolis & St. Louis, MO339
New Orleans, LA47
Omaha, NE73
Phoenix & Prescott, AZ42
Raleigh-Durham, NC3
Washington, DC46
Grand Total1,519

The Bottom Line

GetUpside is one of the best cash back apps and it just got better. I love the ability to earn cash back on gas, restaurants, and groceries – all in one single mobile app.

If GetUpside continues to expand available restaurants that I can earn money back on, it may seriously rival Seated (my go-to restaurant reservation app that lets you earn rewards on dining out, pickup, and delivery simply for scanning your receipt).

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Brian Hershey
Brian Hershey
2 years ago

None of the promo codes work for me, I don’t know why but it’s super frustrating, I just learned about the whole stacking codes deal after using getupside for over 6 months, also frustrating