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GetUpside Restaurant Promo Code NINJA10 Gives You Extra 10% Cash Back

Use the GetUpside restaurant promo code NINJA10 to earn an additional 10% cash back on your restaurant bill! Stack this discount with existing offers to get up to 55% cash back at restaurants.

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Ninja Update 10/13/21: This promo code also gives you 10% off at participating grocery stores. Thanks to a TMN reader for pointing that out!

GetUpside Overview

GetUpside is one of the best cash back apps available and a personal favorite here at The Money Ninja.

The app allows you to earn cash back on every gallon of gas you purchase. I gave it an 8.8 out of 10 stars when I reviewed their gas program and shared gas promo codes to save users even more money.

Ninja Tip: New to GetUpside? Download the app with this link or enter the gas promo code NINJA25 to save an additional 25¢ per gallon next time you fill up at your local gas station!

Then add the restaurant promo code below to save an additional 10% off on your next restaurant bill!

Today, I’m excited to tell everyone that GetUpside is expanding its cash back rewards to restaurants! Now you can earn up to 45% back on your restaurant bill. Plus, I have an exclusive GetUpside restaurant promo code that will give you an additional 10% cash back bonus!

GetUpside Restaurant Promo Code

The GetUpside restaurant promo code NINJA10 will save users an additional 10% off their restaurant bill or grocery bill and works for both new and existing users:

Promo CodeCash BackExpiration
NINJA2525¢ per gallon12/31/2022
NINJA1010% off restaurants12/31/2022

This stacks on top of all existing restaurant offers, giving you a total of up to 55% cash back!

New users can download the app with this link to have the promo applied automatically or enter the code manually if you’re already a GetUpside user.

Participating Restaurants

You may be asking “doesn’t GetUpside already have a restaurant cash back program?”

Yes, there’s a restaurant section in the app, but until today it looked something like this:

GetUpside restaurant promo code image 1
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

I live in Boston and only the Burger King restaurant chain is available. While 40% cash back is impressive, I can’t eat a Whopper every single day 🙂

Other cities like Chicago have establishments like Tatte, Qdoba, and Rati Modern Mediterranean listed. That’s a little better, but the choices are still pretty meager:

GetUpside restaurant promo code image 2
(Screenshot from GetUpside)

This recent expansion adds a hefty 1,519 restaurants to GetUpside’s footprint, which includes the following cities:

Geographic AreaNew Restaurants Added
Austin, TX294
Boston, MA56
Chicago, IL303
Hartford & New Haven, CT30
Houston, TX294
Los Angeles, CA2
Minneapolis & St. Louis, MO339
New Orleans, LA47
Omaha, NE73
Phoenix & Prescott, AZ42
Raleigh-Durham, NC3
Washington, DC46
Grand Total1,519

The Bottom Line

GetUpside is one of the best cash back apps and it just got better. I love the ability to earn cash back on gas, restaurants, and groceries – all in one single mobile app.

If GetUpside continues to expand available restaurants that I can earn money back on, it may seriously rival Seated (my go-to restaurant reservation app that lets you earn rewards on dining out, pickup, and delivery simply for scanning your receipt).

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  1. None of the promo codes work for me, I don’t know why but it’s super frustrating, I just learned about the whole stacking codes deal after using getupside for over 6 months, also frustrating


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