GetUpside Promo Code DWRF5 Gives You 82¢/Gallon

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Find the latest promo codes for GetUpside! Supercharge your cash back rewards from gas purchases by applying the latest GetUpside promo code here!

What Is GetUpside?

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GetUpside is a mobile app that offers real cash back on your gas purchases for simply taking a picture of your gas receipt. There’s no catch to this rewards app!

You can read my review of the GetUpside app where I gave it 8.8 out of 10 stars.

If you’re new to GetUpside, you can sign up using the referral code DWRF5 to get an extra 45 cents off per gallon. Combine this with all the promo codes below and you’ll save up to 82 cents off per gallon the first time you get gas!

GetUpside Promo Code List

As of January 2021, all of the promotion codes below have been verified to work. Please let The Money Ninja know if any codes stop working or if you’ve found new promo codes and I’ll update the list.

DWRF545 cents off per gallon12/31/2022
UPSIDE77 cents off per gallon12/31/2021
20K2020 cents off per gallon12/31/2021
20KPROMO5 cents off per gallon12/31/2021
20KSECOND5 cents off per gallon12/31/2021

If you’re new to the GetUpside app, remember to add the referral code DWRF5 first and add the other promo codes afterwards.

How To Add A Promo Code

To enter a promo code in the app, click on the menu icon (three horizontal bars) on the upper-left hand corner.

A menu will appear. Click on the “Profile” icon:

GetUpside menu view with "Profile" circled

On the profile screen, there’s a section to add a promo code. Simply hit “edit” to add a promo code and tap “Done” once you’ve finished:

GetUpside profile view with "Promo Code" edit circled

To enter additional promo codes, just repeat the process.

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The Bottom Line

This is my go-to app for filling up at gas stations. How much you’ll typically save will depend on your location and the gas stations around you. My area has discounts ranging between 10 cents off a gallon to 25 cents off a gallon before any promo codes are applied.


  1. They have a promo code for instacart as well it’s INSTACART20 it gives u additional 40 cents off a gallon for first 4 fill ups

  2. Thank you. This can be very beneficial for all involved if you have friends that are in board. For the rest of us, you’ve been a great help

  3. Thanks TMN! All the promo codes still work as if 12/21.

    I drive an SUV that guzzles more gas than I’d prefer so this app will definitely help.


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