GetUpside Promo Code DWRF5 Gives You 95¢/Gallon

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Find the latest promo codes for GetUpside! Supercharge your cash back rewards from gas purchases by applying the latest GetUpside promo code here!

Ninja Update 3/28/21: GetUpside reached out to us to thank everyone for supporting their app! They also wanted to gently remind everyone that some promo codes are only meant for certain users. For example, DoorDash codes are meant for DoorDash drivers and Instacart codes are meant for Instacart shoppers.

What Is GetUpside?

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GetUpside is a mobile app that offers real cash back on your gas purchases for simply taking a picture of your gas receipt. There’s no catch to this rewards app!

You can read my review of the GetUpside app where I gave it 8.8 out of 10 stars.

If you’re new to GetUpside, you can sign up using the referral code DWRF5 to get up to 45 cents off per gallon. Combine this with all the promo codes below and you’ll save up to 95 cents off per gallon the first time you get gas!

GetUpside Promo Code List

As of April 2021, all of the promotion codes below have been verified to work. Please let The Money Ninja know if any codes stop working or if you’ve found new promo codes and I’ll update the list.

DWRF545¢ off per gallon12/31/2022
DOORDASH2020¢ off per gallon06/30/2021
INSTACART4040¢ off per gallon06/30/2021

If you’re new to the GetUpside app, remember to add the referral code DWRF5 first and add the other promo codes afterwards.

Ninja Note: For DoorDash drivers and Instacart shoppers, the promo codes DOORDASH20 and INSTACART40 will work for the next 4 gas fill-ups. Other codes are one-time use.

How To Add A Promo Code

To enter a promo code in the app, click on the menu icon (three horizontal bars) on the upper-left hand corner.

A menu will appear. Click on the “Profile” icon:

GetUpside menu view with "Profile" circled

On the profile screen, there’s a section to add a promo code. Simply hit “Edit” to add a promo code and then tap “Done” once you’ve finished:

GetUpside profile view with "Promo Code" edit circled

To enter additional promo codes, just repeat the process. While your account will only show the last code that you’ve entered, they will all combine together for a nice discount next time you use the app to fill up your car.

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The Bottom Line

This is my go-to app for filling up at gas stations. How much you’ll typically save will depend on your location and the gas stations around you. My area has discounts ranging between 10 cents off a gallon to 25 cents off a gallon before any promo codes are applied.

For readers who are curious, these are codes that GetUpside previously offered to users:



  1. Referred 2 friends first all current codes listed were applied.
    Second referral it will only take the invite code and Doordash code. Won’t accept the DWRF5 code?

    • Thank you! That code added $7 to my account. I also drive for both DoorDash and Instacart so used the other codes as well.

      First gas fill-up is showing $7.72 cashback per gallon! My truck thanks you!

  2. My GetUpside referral code HGNV2 gives new users up to a 45 cent bonus the first time they use the app.

    GetUpside has been great for me. I made over $2,000 just from using it as much as I can and telling everyone I know about it!

      • My husband and I tell everyone about it! It’s a legit app that saves people money on gas so it’s an easy sell. Add to that the fact that they have a referral program that rewards both people and it’s a win-win situation.

  3. I love this app. I do Instacart and my husband does DoorDash. Would recommend this to anybody rather they do a lot of driving or not. It has saved us a ton. Cashed out for my sons birthday and had over $200 dollars. I tell everybody I know about this.
    Referral code Lori85753

  4. UPSIDE7 code… I entered this, but it said it was expired

    INSTACART20 code… this one says Promo Code Error… Code cannot be applied

  5. Here’s 15 cent/gallon worth of gas, free! Download GetUpside and enter my promo code, MORENA2236 and you’ll get a 15 cent bonus.

  6. Hi Everyone!!! 😀

    Please feel free to use my Invite/Referral code PJ92U to get a 10¢/gallon bonus!

    Hold on…Wait a minute…Stop right there…🛑
    Are you telling me that GetUpside (free app) wants to reward little ol’ me with cash back
    (real American dollars) for buying something that I already need (must have, not optional) to purchase (for the rest of my life) every week or two anyway??? 🤷‍♀️🤔
    What’s that you say…NO catch…WIN, WIN…NO hidden fees sneakily concealed in the impossible to read fine print?!?! 😀
    Well, well, well…would you look at that…Yes Elizabeth, there is a Santa Clause!!! 🎅🏼

    All kidding aside I’m surprised I don’t hear more people talking about GetUpside, especially now that gas prices are on the rise. With the promo codes and referral program (optional) benefits
    a little can add up to a lot…every little bit helps!

    Thanks for your post Money Ninja, it was very helpful! And thank you for allowing me to share my invite/referral code in this message, that’s very kind of you 😊

  7. Just got my code today add it to get $0.15 off and let us know what your codes are thanks in advance. I use alot of gas delivering for door dash, every little bit helps.

  8. Thank you TMN! I earned over $100 in the last 2 months from this post. I have a SUV with a 30 gallon gas tank and GetUpside has helped put more money back on my pocket. Hope the codes keep rolling in!

  9. Doordash20 and Instacart20 aren’t working anymore. Was getting some serious cash back until yesterday ($67 with only 8 fill-ups) when these 2 stopped working. Tried inputting them in again and it says, “code already applied.” Only seeing a 4-10 cent range on the map now. Do you have any more of those sweet promo codes to put in?

    • Hi Jimmy, DOORDASH20 and INSTACART20 are valid for 4 gas fill-ups. It’s not a continuous discount – I’ll clarify that in this post. I’m glad you saved a lot of money on your 8 gas station fill-ups! As soon as I receive new promotional codes, the list will be updated. Stay tuned!

  10. Doordash20 and Instacart20 are the only 2 working. Upside7 stopped. It’s says it’s applied but I only get back $.60 plus the normal amount.

    • It comes in spurts. I’d say once every couple of months on average, but they also have promotions to give additional discounts. They previously gave 10¢ for taking a selfie at a gas station and 10¢ for taking a picture of you at a voting center.

    • All of them should work if you haven’t used it before. You said the DoorDash and Instacart was working, but it doesn’t work now – what do you mean by that? You can’t enter codes that are already have in your account.

      • They were giving me the high cash back and then the next day it went back down to like 5 cents a gallon until I put in the 21for21 and the upside7, now it’s up to 12 cents a gallon

  11. For new users only. Valid till 02/28/2021

    Here’s $14 worth of gas, free! Download GetUpside and enter my promo code, AAHZM and you’ll get a $14 bonus.

  12. Just signed up with your code and added all the others. It says I have 89 cents per gallon cashback waiting. Hoping I can make it work when I fill up next week!

  13. They have a promo code for instacart as well it’s INSTACART20 it gives u additional 40 cents off a gallon for first 4 fill ups

  14. Thank you. This can be very beneficial for all involved if you have friends that are in board. For the rest of us, you’ve been a great help

  15. Thanks TMN! All the promo codes still work as if 12/21.

    I drive an SUV that guzzles more gas than I’d prefer so this app will definitely help.


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