Honeygain Review: Make Money Doing Nothing

Honeygain is the first-ever app that allows users to make money by sharing their internet. In this Honeygain review, I’ll show you how to make money doing nothing, the pros and cons of the app, and whether this passive income opportunity is right for you.

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I love passive income.

Passive income is money you make that requires little to no effort to earn and maintain. My list of the best passive income ideas is one of the most popular posts on this site.

It’s an area I’m really passionate about. Heck, even back in the day, I did a lot of crazy things in college to make money.

One of the best ways to make money at the time was to install a toolbar that displayed ads while you surfed the internet. I just left my computer on, installed software to randomly move the mouse so the computer didn’t go idle, and kept cashing the checks when they came in.

It was perfect.

Those were the wild west days of the internet and opportunities like that are long gone, but I’ve recently learned of something similar, and it’s called Honeygain.

Honeygain logo and slogan
(Image from Honeygain)

What Is Honeygain?

Honeygain is an app that, when turned on, allows you to get paid for your unused internet.

To put it simply, no one is ever using the full capacity of their internet (unless you’re massively downloading things 24/7 or bitcoin farming). This is where Honeygain comes in; they will use the data you don’t and pay you for it.

It’s available to download on Windows and MacOS computers along with Android phones. Unfortunately, an iOS (iPhone) version is not available.

Honeygain: Download, Install, Earn.
(Image from Honeygain)

For smart phone users, you can use your mobile data for this, but if you connect to any Wi-Fi, the app will continue to work. This means you don’t have to spend anything at all to make money.

Is Honeygain Safe?

Earn without compromising security with Honeygain
(Image from Honeygain)

Naturally, you’d want to know what your unused internet will be used for and whether or not it’s safe.

Honeygain is very transparent about this. Data scientists use the platform to connect to the internet to perform things like market research and ad verification while Honeygain manages all these connections with strict safeguards to protect all parties.

In other words, the internet is used by trusted companies doing bland errands.

Here’s an illustration when Honeygain uses the internet for ad verification:

Honeygain ad verification illustration
(Image from Honeygain)

Additionally, none of your personal information is ever shared or used. The app will never gain access to your device’s storage. The only information they measure is how much internet traffic they used from you in order to pay you properly.

To verify their claim, I looked into Honeygain’s app setting on my phone. I can see that no permissions are required for the app to run:

No permissions required for Honeygain app
(Screenshot of Honeygain app)

The Honeygain app is also not allowed to access my phone storage device, pictures, or files:

No permissions allowed on Honeygain app
(Screenshot of Honeygain app)

I have no worries due to Honeygain’s transparency, the companies they’re working with, and the very limited amount of information they collect from users.

I’d say it’s very safe.

How Much Money Can You Make With Honeygain?

Once you download the app, you’ll instantly make $5 by using the referral code MONEYNINJA when you register.

From here, how much money you can make with Honeygain depends on how much internet traffic you share. The more you share, the more you earn.

You earn “credits”, and every 1,000 credits is worth $1.

There are actually two different ways to earn credits: Default Network Sharing and Content Delivery Sharing.

Default Network Sharing

Honeygain dashboard screenshot
(Screenshot of Honeygain app)

Default Network Sharing is the standard way to earn on Honeygain. When the app is active, you’ll start to earn credits based on the traffic that goes through your network.

The current rate for Default Network Sharing is 1 credit for 10 MB of traffic.

To get 1,000 credits, you would then need 10,000 MB (10 GB) of traffic.

This means that 10 GB = $1 USD.

You can connect multiple devices (no device limits per user, but only 2 devices maximum on the same network) to speed up the pace of earning credits.

The tricky part of this is that demand for Honeygain’s service is uneven.

Sometimes, when the demand is high and there are few Honeygain users on, you’ll make more renting out your internet connection. Other times, the demand can still be high, but if there are a lot of users on, the demand is more spread out.

Where you’re located also plays a part in your earnings. Some locations are more in demand than others.

On average, I’d expect most people to make around $5 to $10 a month using the Default Network Sharing option.

Not huge by any means, but it’s totally free money. Now let’s pair this up with the Content Delivery Option.

Content Delivery Sharing

Honeygain Content Delivery illustration
(Image from Honeygain)

Content Delivery is a new feature with Honeygain and the company’s answer to the annoying aspect of not being able to predict your monthly earnings more accurately.

With Content Delivery, you’ll earn credits based on the duration of time that a desktop device is connected, regardless if your internet is needed or not.

The current rate of Content Delivery is 10 credits for 1 hour of leaving the app open.

This means that 24 hours = 240 credits.

By turning on Content Delivery (which works alongside the regular Default Network Sharing), you can earn an additional $7.20 per month.

This is on top of the $5 to $10 a month you’d earn with Default Network Sharing for an estimated total monthly earnings of $10.20 to $15.20.

Eligible Devices

Content Delivery is available on desktop devices only (Windows and macOS).

Why only desktop devices?

  1. Desktop devices usually have unlimited data plans or rely solely on a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Desktop devices have a more stable connection, which is required for businesses who use Content Delivery.

How To Activate Content Delivery

Simply download the app on your desktop computer and enable the Content Delivery feature from there. That’s it! Your device is ready to join Content Delivery.

Getting Paid With Honeygain

Honeygain payment notification email
(Screenshot of Honeygain app)

Honeygain will pay you through PayPal using Tipalti, a payment company based in California that helps track and administer your earnings.

Once you earn $20, you can request a payout right through the Honeygain app or its web site.

You’ll be able to redeem your earnings into your Paypal account once you reach the minimum payout threshold of $20. Recently, Honeygain added the option to get paid out in crypto instead. The payout steps are very simple:

  • Reach the minimum payout threshold of $20.
  • Request the payout to your PayPal account or get paid in crypto.
  • Receive an invitation from Honeygain’s payment partner Tipalti if you elect PayPal and register on their platform (email arrives within 1 business day).
  • Fill in your PayPal payment details.
  • Receive the payout to your Paypal account within 2 business days

Honeygain Referral Program

Honeygain has a great referral program where you’ll have the chance to make even more money passively!

When you invite your friends to sign up for an account with Honeygain and they start sharing their internet, you’ll earn 10% of their daily earnings. Forever.

As long as they use your referral link or referral code, they’ll also receive an extra $5 to get started.

In order to get your own referral link, download Honeygain today and get started with a $5 bonus with referral code MONEYNINJA.

How To Invite Friends To Join As A Referral

Your referral link and code can be found on the dashboard view of the Honeygain app.

On the dashboard, go to the “Referrals” view and click on the blue “Invite friends” button.

A pop-up window will appear with your unique referral link. Copy this link by clicking on the blue “Copy” button and send it over to your friends!

How To Get Started With Honeygain

  1. Sign up for Honeygain using referral code MONEYNINJA to get started with a $5 bonus.
  2. Complete the site registration by filling in your name, email address, and password you would like to use.
  3. Click on the email confirmation sent to confirm your account.
  4. Go back to the Honeygain site and download the app for your Android phone, desktop computer, or Apple computer.
  5. Start earning with the Honeygain app in the background – there’s nothing left to do!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my credits expire?

If you’re an active user, your credits will not expire. However, Honeygain credits will expire after 6 months counting from the last day you have shared internet bandwidth with us.

Why isn’t there an iOS app?

At the current moment, there is no Honeygain application on iOS due to its technical limitations.

Simply put, there is no such thing as background service functionality on iOS that would allow the application to continue doing its own thing in the background as it does on Android-based devices.

What countries does Honeygain work in?

The Honeygain app doesn’t have any borders! It works all around the world!

What user data does Honeygain collect?

Honeygain doesn’t gather any data from their clients. The only data they collect are ones that are necessary to run Honeygain’s service. This includes your email address, your IP address, and your chosen payout methods.

Honeygain’s app connection is inaccessible by outsiders and is fully encrypted, guaranteeing that the private information is unreachable.

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The Bottom Line

Honeygain is a completely legit way to earn small amounts of passive income every month, which would be enough to fully cover the costs of subscription services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Spotify.

While you won’t make millions with this app, it’s another excellent way to earn income passively.

No single app will replace a full-time salary, but combine this option with other ways to make money and you’ll be well on your way to contributing a significant source of money outside of your “real” job.

Overall, this is a great way to make money by doing nothing!

If you’re less comfortable renting out your internet, you could always make money in other ways – like surfing the internet and taking surveys with Swagbucks. It’s less passive since you need to click a few links and answer some questions, but it’s been around for ages and more well-known.

I hope you found this Honeygain review beneficial. If you’ve used Honeygrain before or have any thoughts about it, please let me know in the comments down below!

20 thoughts on “Honeygain Review: Make Money Doing Nothing”

  1. 2022 Updates:
    You can have Max 2 devices per IP; You can have Max 10 devices per account (2 devices x 5 IP).

    Have a nice “earning day” 😉

    If you find it useful, please register for free with my link (5$ Bonus for you)

  2. Great passive income! I live in Europe and getting 1-3$ per week. Using 2 devices (PC and laptop). If you are interested use my referral code BEFRO2C045 and get 5$

    (For withdrawal you need to accumulate 20$)

  3. After using this for a while my conclusion is this: not worth it. Earnings on a mobile device are abysmally slow, you earn nearly as much from the daily honey pots as running the app. And even if it was an old unused device on borrowed power you could probably make more money by spending one extra minute at work.

    A desktop accumulates more quickly, but you’d be better off shutting it down to save on your electric bill.

  4. I have been doing this for the past year and there are some tips I would like to share:
    1. Enable Content Delivery, it helps alot in receiving credits
    2. DO NOT use a VPN, it will wire off wrongly and you might get suspended.
    3. Connect it to your PC and android phone for maximum gains.

    You’ll receive a $10 head start off HoneyGain by making an account via this code. KONVI4F85E

  5. Honeygain is an app (service) that will pay you for your excess bandwidth. You just install it on your computers or mobile devices and it will detect your system.

    From there it will utilize your extra bandwidth and reward you based on what it uses, absolutely amazing and a real financial blessing for me.

    • Yes, this is to be expected – it happens on a regular basis for me. Try to have honeygain installed on more devices or get referrals. This will help stabilize your credits/day.

  6. Making money online and getting paid to do nothing, well almost nothing?
    Make money from home by simply sharing your unused net.

  7. hey:)) I really enjoy using Honeygain. I love the fact that it pays just for being online. I browse the internet as usual and get paid. yeh, right. And believe me or not but I tend to make 35$ a month with this. and the first payment was reached in a few weeks because I registered using the coupon code. so I really really love this app :))

  8. as low as .10 and as high as .75

    i guess i’m going to get $10 by the end of the first month. is there a way to get honeygain to use more of your internet? i only use my data on netflix and youtube so i guess i have a lot of data to share. Thanks!

  9. Ive been getting $0.60 cents a day with one phone and only allowing Honeygain to share internet when I’m on WiFi only. Comes out to $18 a month. Curious what others have been getting for multiple devices?

  10. I’ve been using Honeygain for 6 months with my personal phone on its own mobile network (unlimited data) along with 1 throwaway phone and 1 laptop. Both the throwaway phone and laptop is connected to Comcast WIFI.

    Average money per month is $35 give or take a few dollars. It’s not much like you said, and I don’t even notice the app anymore.


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