Flashfood Referral Code JOHN4543H Gives You $5 Bonus

Flashfood referral code “JOHN4543H” gives you a $5 bonus! Get $5 off your first purchase of $10 or more.

Once you have an account, refer friends to the Flashfood app and earn a $5 referral bonus for each friend that joins! Full details of Flashfood’s referral offer below.

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Flashfood App

Flashfood allows savvy shoppers to have access to high-quality food at incredible discounts. It helps cut down on food waste by connecting users to groceries approaching their best before date, buy them at discounted prices, and pick them up in store.

From my experience of using the Flashfood app, you can expect discounts of 50% off or more. With inflation so high, this is a great app to save on food items like fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, and more.

(Screenshot of Flashfood app)

Available in the United States and Canada, this is an app you can use to save money and feel good doing so because you’re helping to eliminate millions of pounds of food waste.

Flashfood Referral Code

Sign up for Flashfood using the referral code JOHN4543H to get $5 off your first $10 purchase.

Referral CodeSavings
JOHN4543H$5 off $10 purchase
Claim Bonus

Flashfood referral codes used to give you $8 off a $10 purchase, but they have recently reduced all codes to provide a $5 discount.

How To Get Flashfood Referral Bonus:

  1. Click on “I have a referral code” during account registration.
  2. Enter the referral code JOHN4543H and tap on redeem promo.
  3. Save $5 on your first purchase of $10 or more.
(Screenshot of Flashfood app)

How To Refer Friends:

Once you have your own Flashfood account, refer friends to join using your unique referral code and earn $5 in rewards for every friend that does and make their first purchase of $10 or more. Your friend will also receive a $5 sign-up bonus.

You can find your referral code in the app under ‘Rewards’ in the main menu. Referral rewards are accrued to your account and will be used to offset your next purchase.

Flashfood Referral Code JOHN4543H
(Screenshot of Flashfood app)

The Bottom Line

I really like the concept behind Flashfood. My parents instilled in me at a really young age how bad food waste is and to only take what I can eat. Combined with my natural savings instinct, it seems like they made this app for people like me 🙂

The process is pretty simple too – just order from the Flashfood app and pick up your items at the store. All participating supermarkets and grocery stores have a Flashfood zone that’s typically by the entrance.

Bring some reusable bags with you to load up your groceries and then head out to the self-checkout or customer service area. The app will tell you where to go.

The only downside I’ve noticed so far is the lack of locations in the West Coast. The company is expanding quickly though so I expect it to become more accessible nationwide sooner than later.

I use Flashfood along with other apps that give rewards for submitting receipts like Fetch Rewards ($3 bonus), Ibotta ($10 bonus), Shopkick ($5 bonus), Upside (30¢/gal bonus), and Receipt Hog (5 free spins) to save even more.

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