Google Pay $11 Referral Bonus ($55 Maximum)

Google Pay is offering an $11 referral bonus when you refer friends during Superbowl weekend. The person being referred will get $5 too! Check out Google Pay’s (GPay) Superbowl referral promotion!

Google Pay Overview

Google relaunched Google Pay (GPay) towards the end of 2020 after announcing major new features.

The biggest update is a Venmo-like ability to pay people, groups, and businesses. You can also split payment for things like dinner or rent – and even use Google Pay to order food or buy gas, all from within the app.

Google Pay - pay people, groups, and businesses

Google Pay Referral $11 Offer

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To celebrate Superbowl weekend, Google is offering a referral bonus of $11 when you refer a friend to Google Pay and they make a qualifying payment. The person you refer will also get $5.

A qualifying payment is considered a payment of $10 or more (sending money to friends counts as qualifying payment).

Google Pay $11 referral bonus Superbowl promotion

Google Pay $11 Referral Bonus Terms & Conditions

  • Google Pay referral offer expires on February 8, 2021.
  • Both you and your friend must be opted into Google Pay rewards to be eligible.
  • Your friend must be new to Google Pay and must not have accepted previous referrals.
  • Your friend needs to make a qualifying transaction of $10 or more.
  • While supplies last, for each of your first 5 referrals you could get $11 for yourself and $5 for your eligible referred friend when they sign up with your unique referral code and make their first qualifying payment of $10 or more within the period (Feb 6-7, 2021). Qualifying payment includes:
    • Sending money to a friend they haven’t paid before; OR
    • Making a contactless payment in-store (NFC-enabled Android phones only)
  • You can earn a maximum of 5 referral rewards with this offer.
  • You must not send referral invitations to individuals you don’t know; or via bots or automated systems.

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The Bottom Line

When Google Pay was relaunched, they offered $21 for both the person referring and the person getting referred. They didn’t place a limit on the number of people you can refer and well… people went BONKERS. Some users made thousands of dollars referring friends, family, ANYONE.

It was too popular of a promotion. Google started to catch on and a few days later limited the number of people a person can refer to 3.

Then they reduced the referral offer to $10 a couple of days afterwards. Some days later, they changed the referral amount to a random number between $1-$10 and it has been sitting there ever since.

Although the $11 here for referring someone and getting $5 for joining through a referral link is not as great compared to when GPay was launched, it’s better than the “new” normal.

There’s also a money-making opportunity with Google Pay and Walmart+ that I posted earlier.

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Once a referral link is used, please make a comment letting everyone know so readers can move on to the next link.

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3 years ago

Hey! Here’s my link:

I’d be happy to send the $10 back just send me a message before you send the money!