Uber Eats Promo Codes

Uber Eats logo on phone

Uber Eats, like a lot of phone apps, is very popular with our readers so I thought it’d be helpful to have a running list of Uber Eats promo codes! These codes will save you money on delivery fees or even a big discount on the …

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Amazon: 15% Off Uber Gift Cards

Amazon 15% Off Uber Gift Cards hero image

Amazon is offering a 15% discount on Uber gift cards when you use promo code EATS21. Offer is valid up to $100 worth of gift cards. The gift card works for Uber rides and Uber Eats. Details of this Amazon promo below! 15% Uber Gift Card …

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What Counts As A Direct Deposit?

A man taking money from wallet

A lot of bank account sign-up bonuses require a direct deposit, but not all banks have the same view on what counts as a direct deposit. Below I’ll list the best bank sign-up bonuses and what they consider a direct deposit! What is a Direct Deposit? …

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