Webull: Buying Fractional Shares Now Available

Webull now offers the ability to buy fractional shares for as little as $5!

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Buying Fractional Shares Of Stock On Webull

You can now buy partial shares of stocks and ETFs on Webull for as little as $5!

New Webull users can buy fractional shares immediately after opening an account. Existing users will have it available in the next week or so.

This is perfect for investors who want to own stocks in companies like Apple, Amazon, and Netflix.

How To Buy Fractional Shares On Webull?

  1. Search for a stock you want to buy and click on its ticker symbol
  2. Tap the ‘Trade‘ button on the bottom left-hand corner
  3. Change the ‘Order Type‘ to “Market
  4. Toggle “Whole Share” to “Fractional Share

What Are Fractional Shares?

A fractional share is when you own less than one whole share of a company.

Fractional shares let investors purchase stock based on a dollar amount they select rather than the price of a whole share. This is a good thing because investors can buy part of a stock when one whole share of a stock is too expensive.

Fractional share illustration

Let’s run through an example:

Let’s say you believe in the future of Apple, Amazon, and Netflix and think all of them will make great long-term investments.

The current price of each share of stock in those companies are:

  • Apple = $136.05
  • Amazon = $3,421.97
  • Netflix = $532.19

To buy a share of each stock before fractional shares were a thing, you needed to have $4,090.21 of available cash.

That amount priced out a lot of people since not everyone has that much money to invest.

Now that fractional shares are available, you can invest in all three companies with whatever amount you want.

Do you only have $10 available? No problem. You can own a piece of each stock.

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The Bottom Line

This is a gamechanger for Webull.

A lot of people compare Webull vs Robinhood when they decide on which stock trading app to use. Robinhood had an advantage because their app allowed you to buy cryptocurrencies and purchase fractional shares of stock.

Now that Webull launched the ability to trade crypto and with this news of fractional shares, they are now head-to-head with Robinhood.

That doesn’t mean you need to decide between Webull and Robinhood though. They both give away free shares of stock just for opening an account.

I use them both of their apps and find it easy-to-use. Plus, I don’t discriminate when it comes to free money 🙂

About John Pham

John Pham is a personal finance expert, serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Money Ninja. He has also been fortunate enough to have appeared in the New York Times, Boston Globe, and U.S. News & World Report. John has a B.S. in Entrepreneurship and a Masters in Business Administration, both from the University of New Hampshire.

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