7-11 Referral Code: 1,000 Points Offer

Get 1,000 bonus points when you use 7-11 referral code M7HCFS to sign up for the 7-11 app. That’s enough points to redeem for items like a free pizza slice, breakfast sandwich, or cold brew coffee!

This referral code bonus is for new users only and is not valid of existing users of the 7-11 app.

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7-Eleven App

7-Eleven is one of America’s biggest chain of retail convenience stores with over 78,000 stores worldwide. It has an associated 7-Eleven mobile app that offers 7REWARDS.

7REWARDS and the 7-Eleven app lets customers earn points on every qualifying purchase and redeem those points for free snacks and goodies. Customers will also get savings on exclusive deals, like a free Slurpee drink on your birthday, earnings boost with Bonus Points, and free coffee after every six cups.

New users who download the 7-Eleven app and enter referral code M7HCFS during registration will get 1,000 7Rewards points as a sign-up bonus! I will also receive 1,000 7Rewards points for referring you – thanks in advance for using my code.

7-11 Referral Code

The best 7-11 referral code is M7HCFS which will give you a sign-up bonus of 1,000 points. This is valid for new users only that have never used their phone number to open an account.

Referral CodeReferral BonusExpiration
M7HCFS1,000 pointsNone

How To Get 1,000 Points Offer

Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Download the 7-11 App

    Download the 7-11 mobile app from the Google Play or App Store.

  2. Enter 7-11 Referral Code

    Enter the 7-11 referral code M7HCFS during account registration.

  3. Receive 1,000 Bonus Points

    Receive 1,000 7Rewards points after you successfully complete account registration.

7-Eleven Referral Code
(Screenshot of 7-Eleven app)

Redeeming 7-11 Points

You only need a minimum of 500 points to redeem an offer on the 7-11 app. At this level, you can redeem points for basic items small coffee or donuts. The highest rewards require 4,000 points with offers like free pizza or chicken wings.

The best value overall is Jack Link’s beef jerky. It takes 4,000 points to redeem for a bag, which normally sell for $8.99, making each 1,000 points worth $2.25.

Another good redemption option is the 7 Select Cold Pressed Juice at 2,000 points. These organic juicers sell for $3.99 per bottle, making each 1,000 points worth $2.00.

Here’s are all the redemption levels and what you can redeem at each tier:

500 Points Rewards

  • Small Coffee
  • Mini Donut or Mini Pecan Pie
  • Pillsbury Cookie
  • Keebler Cracker
  • Andy Capp’s Fries
  • 1 Trident, Trident White or Dentyne Gum
  • 1 Buffalo Chicken Roller
  • 1 Banana

1,000 Point Rewards

  • Any one 7-eleven Fresh Fudge Brownie or Fresh Baked Cookies, up to 1.99 Retail
  • Any Ring Donut
  • Fresh Hot Pizza Slice
  • Breakfast Sandwich up to $2.99
  • Brisk 1L
  • Big Gulp Drink
  • Medium Cold Brew Coffee
  • Medium Slurpee Drink
  • Any 7-Select Beverage up to 20oz (Excludes Cold Pressed Juice)
  • Redeem for 1 Med 7-eleven Hot Beverage
  • 7-Select Bag of Single Serve Chips 1.25oz-2.5oz ( Excludes Go Smart Variety )
  • 7-Select Pure Water 1L
  • Mini Tacos

2,000 Points Rewards

  • Chicken Sandwich or Cheeseburger
  • 8 Boneless Wings
  • Gatorade 28oz or bolt24
  • 7 Select Cold Pressed Juice
  • 7 Select Energy Shots
  • Pepsi cola tm Family 20 oz
  • Hershey share size candies
  • Nachos
  • Frito Lay Single Serve Chips
  • Dr Pepper, 7U, Sunkist, Canada Dry or A&W 20 oz bottles

3,000 Points Rewards

  • Any Red Bull up to 20 oz.
  • Monster Energy Drinks 24 oz.
  • Reign 16z
  • Acqua Panna

4,000 Points Rewards

  • Any Fresh Salad Entrée
  • Fresh Hot Whole Pizza
  • 5 Bone in Wings
  • 7 Select & Jack Link’s Bag Jerky 2.85- 3.25oz

If you’re not interested in items above, you can cash in your points at checkout for a quick discount. Every 1,000 points will take $1 off of your bill.

Earning 7-11 Points

You’ll earn 10 7Rewards points with every dollar you spend on eligible purchases. Simply show your barcode to the cashier at checkout to earn points.

7-11 Referral Program

7-11 mobile app users can refer friends and family using their personalized referral code found in the app.

When a person downloads the 7-11 app and uses your referral code to sign up, you both will get 1,000 points as a referral bonus. This is better than downloading the app without a referral code as the standard sign-up bonus is only 800 points.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where is my 7-Eleven Referral Code?

You can find your 7-Eleven referral code in the app at the bottom of of the main screen. Scroll down to the section, ‘How to Earn Points‘ and click on the text ‘Refer Your Friends‘. Your referral code will then be shown to you.

How much are 7-Eleven points worth?

1,000 points are worth a minimum of $1.00 when you cash in your points at checkout for a quick discount, but they can be worth over $2.00 when you redeem them for items in the app menu.

The Bottom Line

Personally, I try not to purchase too many things from convenience stores. Items usually costs more than buying it from a supermarket or grocery store. You’re paying a little bit more for the convenience (pun intended).

For those times you’re in a bind though, convenience stores are helpful and 7-11 is everywhere. There’s one right down the street from me and they have so many Häagen-Dazs ice cream flavors… so hard to say no to 🙂

If you shop here, it’s smart to use the app to take advantage of the savings and earn rewards. If you’re new to the 7-11 app, be sure to use a 7-Eleven referral code in order to get the bonus points and grab a couple of free items.

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8 months ago

I agree about convenience store prices BUT 7-11 coffee is the best deal! They have these cool machines that pump out fresh coffee, espresso-like, the way YOU like it! We can get 2 coffees there for the price of one when we are on a road trip! For that reason, i buy road trip coffee at 7-11, avoiding all the other junk that is overpriced poison!