Earn a $5 Bonus + 25% Cashback with Fluz Referral Code MONEY35

Enter Fluz referral code “MONEY35” to get a $5 bonus and an additional 25% cash back bonus on two gift card purchases. Full details are below on how to redeem this sign-up offer and how to earn more bonuses when you invite your friends and family to Fluz.

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What is the Fluz app?

The Fluz app lets you purchase discounted gift cards for popular brands. Its biggest advantage is allowing you to buy a gift card for an exact amount so you never have a few dollars or cents left over that’s difficult to use.

Fluz Referral Code MONEY35

As of June 2024, Fluz referral code MONEY35 will give you a $5 cash bonus and an additional 25% cashback bonus on two gift card purchases (maximum bonus of $2.50 per purchase).

How To Enter Referral Code in Fluz App

Here are step-by-step directions on how to enter a referral code during account sign-up:

  1. Download the Fluz app using the button link above.

  2. Enter the referral code MONEY35 when prompted during account registration.

  3. Get a $5 bonus when spend at least $15 within 30 days of signing up and earn an additional 25% cashback (max $2.50 bonus per purchase) on two gift card purchases.

MONEY35 code shown in the Fluz app
(Screenshot of Fluz app)

Redeeming 35% Vouchers:

Ninja Update: Vouchers were a benefit when Fluz first launched. It’s no longer available to new users, however, if you were previously awarded them, then here’s how to redeem your three 35% cashback bonus vouchers:

  1. Click on the ‘Pay‘ icon (🏷️) located on the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select a store you want to buy a gift card from.
  3. Receive up to a 35% cashback bonus automatically (on your first $10 per order).

Remember this is in addition to the normal cashback rate offered. For example, Starbucks is offering 4% cashback, which mean you’ll get a total of 39% cashback on the first $10 you spend and 4% on the amount beyond that.

These are the available stores you can redeem the vouchers for and their bonus cashback rate:

  • 35% discount: Starbucks, CVS, Grubhub, Seamless, Spotify, Chipotle, Dunkin, Chevron, Texaco, Nintendo eShop, XBOX, Roblox, Papa John’s, Burger King, Peet’s Coffee, Coffee Bean, Jamba Juice, Taco Bell, Domino’s, Papa John’s, PUBG Mobile
  • 25% discount: Papa John’s, Boston Market
  • 20% discount: UberEATS, Doordash, Caviar, Steak n’ Shake
  • 15% discount: Hulu
  • 12% discount: Netflix

Note that vouchers expire 60 days after being issued. Make sure you use them within 2 months of account sign-up.

Fluz Referral Program

Fluz users can also take part in the Fluz Referral Program. Invite friends to Fluz and for each person that uses your referral code or promo code and spends at least $25 within 30 days of account opening, you’ll both get a $5 referral bonus.

Fluz referral bonus
(Image from Fluz)

Members who refer will earn a $5 bonus if the person they refer meets the following requirements:

  • Invitee must make one or more purchases with Fluz totaling at least $25 at any store.
  • Invitee must satisfy this purchase requirement within 30 days of completing registration.

There’s also a tiered referral system which allows referrers to earn up to $180 and up to $2,000 based on the number of quantity and quality of the referrals. There are other promos and offers from time to time as well.

These are big bonuses for sure, but require you to invite a ton of people. The promotion also requires you to opt in, so if you think you can hit these milestone bonuses, be sure to do so in the the app.

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest pet peeves I have with gift cards is that it’s so hard to spend it entirely. I’m always left with random amounts like $1.50 or 75¢.

I could force myself to make a second purchase in order to use the whole gift card, but I’d be wasting money on something I don’t really want or need. If I throw the gift card away, it kills me for leaving money on the table. So hat tip to reader James for letting me know about the Fluz app.

Fluz solves this problem by letting you buy a gift card in the exact amount you need while giving you a discount for doing so. That’s brilliant in my opinion.

Do you like apps like Fluz? Then try Fetch, Ibotta, Receipt Hog, and Shopkick to earn rewards scanning your shopping receipts or Upside to get money back at gas stations and restaurants. You can also check out my post on the best cashback apps that will save you money.

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