Moomoo: Get A Free Share Of APPL Stock

Get a free share of Apple stock when you refer 2 friends to the Moomoo stock app! This limited-time offer is on top of your normal referral bonus!

Earn 4 FREE stocks when you sign up with this link.


Moomoo is a stock trading app I previously wrote about that offers new users 4 free shares of stock worth up to $3,350.

And now for a limited time, you can also earn a free share of APPL stock with their latest referral offer!

Claim your 1 FREE share of Apple (AAPL)

Free Apple Stock Offer

Moomoo Sign-Up Link

Invite 2 friends to sign up on the Moomoo app with your referral link. If they open an account during the promotion period and deposits at least $100, you’ll get a free Apple (AAPL) stock, which is around $130 at current market price.

Each person can earn one share of AAPL only once during this promotion, but the offer is stackable with their normal referral program (called Moomoo Ambassador Program) where you can get 3 free stocks per person you refer!

After you receive the free Apple stock, it’s available to trade within 5 business days.

This limited time offer runs from May 31 to August 1, 2021.

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The Bottom Line

Great promotion! This should be an easy win for people.

By my calculations, referring 2 people to Moomoo will give you a free stock of Apple (worth ~$130) and an additional 2 to 6 free shares of stock depending on your Ambassador level (worth between $8 and $1,000 each).

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