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Moomoo Referral Bonus – Get 16 Free Stocks + $50 Cash Bonus

Sign up with our exclusive Moomoo referral bonus link and get up to 16 free shares of stock (including one share of Tesla or Google) and a $50 cash bonus. This is 6 more stock shares than you’d normally get with a standard referral offer.

For Canadian, Singapore, or Australian residents, please use your specific country’s promotional link found in this post. This offer ends on September 30, 2023.

Full details of the Moomoo free stock offer promotion below!

This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission at no cost to you if you decide to make a purchase through my links. Visit this page for more information. The content on this page is accurate as of the posting date; however, some of the offers mentioned may have expired.

Earn 16 FREE stocks when you sign up with this link.

Moomoo Referral Bonus – 16 Free Stocks Offer + $50 Bonus

New Moomoo users can get up to 16 free stocks (including one share of $TSLA or $GOOG) and a $50 cash reward when they use our exclusive referral bonus link below to open an account.

Normal referral links only get 10 free stocks, but thanks to The Money Ninja’s partnership with Moomoo, readers will get an additional 6 free stocks:

For Canadian residents, please use this link. For Singapore residents, please use this link. For Australian residents, please use this link.

Action RequiredStock Reward
Deposit $1005 Free Stocks + $50 Bonus
Deposit $100010 More Free Stocks ($3 – $2,000)
Deposit $5,0001 Free Share of $TSLA or $GOOG

The free stocks are randomly selected according to a specific probability distribution. There is approximately an 95% chance of getting a share of stock worth $3-$9.99, a 4.9% chance of getting a share of stock worth $10-$99.99, and a 0.1% chance of getting a share of stock worth $100 or more.

That means you’re guaranteed to get at least $45 in free stocks and $100 in cash when you deposit at least $1,000!

Deposit $5,000 and you’ll get a free share of $TSLA worth ~$272 or a share of $GOOG worth ~$120!

You must use our exclusive link in order to get the higher referral bonus (no referral code is necessary). For more information on the terms and conditions of the limited time bonus offer, please click here.

Signing up directly through Moomoo or other non-partner channels will provide you with the standard 10 free stock offer. For more information on the terms and conditions of the standard welcome bonus, please click here.

How To Get Free Stocks

  1. Sign up for a Moomoo account.
  2. Deposit a total of $100 or more and get 5 free stocks + $50 cash bonus.
  3. Deposit a total of $1,000 or more to receive 10 more free stocks.
  4. Deposit a total of $5,000 or more to receive 1 free share of $TSLA or $GOOG.

To deposit money into your account, click the “Trade” icon at the bottom menu of the Moomoo app, tap the “Deposit” button, and follow the bank ACH or WIRE on-screen directions:

Moomoo Referral Bonus: Deposit Icon
(Screenshot of Moomoo app)

Moomoo uses Plaid to connect to your bank account securely. Plaid is a technology platform that many companies use to securely connect to customer bank accounts. You can read more about Plaid here.

About Moomoo

Doesn’t it feel like just yesterday when Robinhood was the only game in town? They disrupted the traditional business model of trading stocks with their zero commission fee structure.

Back then well-known brokerages were charging $10-$50 to buy and sell stocks. The high trading fees discouraged the middle-class from investing. Now, commissions for the most part are a thing of the past thanks to commission-free brokerage apps like Robinhood, Webull, and Moomoo.

Moomoo sets itself apart from its competitors because not only does it offer commission-free trading like other stock apps, they also provide users the ability to see real-time data such as live buying and selling of stocks. This Level 2 data is rare to get for free.

Moomoo Referral Program

Once you have your own Moomoo stock account, you can take part in their referral program and earn even more free stocks!

Become a Moomoo Ambassador and light up the Ambassador Badge by sharing your referral link with friends. If they open a Moomoo brokerage account using your link and deposit $100, the Ambassador Badge will light up and you’ll become a Moomoo Ambassador.

You’ll get free stocks for every person you successfully refer. If you refer enough people, you’ll be upgraded to a higher Ambassador level where you’ll get more free stocks per referred person.

A successful referral means a new Moomoo user who uses your referral code or link, opens an account, and deposits $100 or more.

To count towards the free stock rewards under this referral program, the people you invite must use your referral code or referral link.

How To Refer Friends:

  1. Tap the “Me” icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the Moomoo app.
  2. Tap “Invite Friends” to find your referral code or generate a new code.
  3. Share your referral code or referral link to friends and family.
  4. Receive free stocks once your friend joins Moomoo and deposits $100 within 90 days of account opening.

Here’s a screenshot of the ‘Me‘ page showing the location of the ‘Invite Friends‘ button. Click this to transfer to the section where you can get your unique referral code and links:

Moomoo Referral Bonus: Invite Friends menu
(Screenshot of Moomoo app)

How To Redeem Free Reward Stocks

After you make a successful referral, it’s time to find out what your free stocks are!

Go back to the ‘Me‘ section mentioned in the previous section and click on ‘Promotions‘. Here, you can claim free stocks you received from the welcome bonus or referral bonuses.

Moomoo Promotions: Redeem Free Stocks
(Screenshot of Moomoo app)

On the following screen, click ‘Claim‘ to bring up the gumball machine where you’ll draw your free stocks:

Moomoo free stock rewards
(Screenshot from Moomoo app)

Now, simply tap the gumball machine and it will randomly give you a free stock from its inventory. Remember that you’re 100% guaranteed to win free stocks. What stocks you’ll get are randomly selected through a lottery drawing with the following odds:

  • 1 in 250 chance to win Tesla (TLSA), Netflix (NTLX), Apple (APPL), Facebook (FB), or Adobe (ADBE)
  • 1 in 100 chance to win Disney (DIS), Microsoft (MSFT), Starbucks (SBUX), IBM (IBM), or Coca-Cola (KO)
  • 1 in 1.04 chance to win stocks valued between $4-$15
Moomoo free stock draw
(Screenshot from Moomoo app)

A notification will pop up and let you know what you’ve won. For example, I received a free stock worth over $30:

Moomoo free stock award
(Screenshot from Moomoo app)

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The Bottom Line

I love competition because companies fight to get our business. Most of these stock apps like Moomoo are referral bonuses that offer free stocks with relatively easy requirements.

Since these apps aren’t credit card products, it doesn’t really matter how many stock accounts you open. They won’t affect your credit score. You don’t even have to keep all of them active if you’re doing this solely for the free stocks.

The lottery draw for the Moomoo free stocks is more likely to give you a stock value on the lower end of the range, but you could get lucky and receive a big one.

I recently opened an account and received a share of SunPower (SPWR), two shares of General Electric (GE), and a share of Ford (F). All together, the stocks are worth $72!

The current Moomoo promotion is arguably much more lucrative for new customers. For readers considering opening an account, thank you for using my referral link and supporting the site.

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