Celsius Promo Code: Earn $50 BTC Bonus ($1,240 Stackable Offer)

Here are the current promo codes for the Celsius Network! Earn a deposit bonus when you use the latest Celsius promo code found here.

Combine this with a referral code 1455207440 for an additional $50 BTC bonus!

Ninja Update 9/3/21: Added the new stablecoin transfer promotion that will give you a return of $1,240!

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Get a $50 BTC crypto bonus when you use with this referral link, enter code 1455207440, and make a first transfer of $400 or more at the time of signup!

What Is Celsius Network?

Celsius Network is a crypto platform that lets you earn and borrow a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Having a Celsius account also allows you to earn interest on your crypto – you can earn up to 17.78% APY.

I’ve been using crypto platforms like Celsius and BlockFi to do exactly that. You can read about my experience earning interest with crypto to learn more.

Celsius Promo Code List

As of September 2021, you can use the Celsius promo codes below to give you an additional bonus when you deposit money or transfer crypto into your Celsius account.

For new users, combine the $50 referral code with the other codes below to make even more money!

1455207440$50 BTCDeposit $400 of any coinNew users only – hold for 30 days
STABLE10$10 BTCTransfer $50 USDC or USDTAll users – hold for 30 days
STABLE50$50 BTCTransfer $200 USDC or USDTAll users – hold for 30 days
STABLE600$600 BTC Transfer $25,000 USDC or USDTAll users – hold for 90 days
ADA40$40 ADATransfer $400 ADAAll users – hold for 30 days
ADA500$500 ADATransfer $20,000 ADAAll users – hold for 90 days

All promo codes work for both new and existing users except for the new customer bonus referral code. You can also combine the codes together (see below for more details).

Crypto PlatformPromotionLink
BlockFi logo$250 Free BitcoinLink
Celsius Network logo$50 Free BitcoinLink
Gemini logo$50 Free BitcoinLink
Voyager logo$25 Free BitcoinLink
Coinbase logo$10 Free BTCLink
eToro logo$50 Free CashLink

How To Add A Promo Code On Celsius

To enter a promo code, simply follow these steps:

  1. Open the Celsius app
  2. Click on ‘Profile Menu
  3. Tap on ‘Enter A Promo Code
  4. Transfer the required amount into your Celsius account

As soon as your deposit posts, you’ll see the bonus details within the ‘Total Wallet Balance‘ section of the app.

Stacking Celsius Promo Codes

You can also stack the promo codes together to get all the bonuses.

For example, if you add the promo codes STABLE10, STABLE50, and STABLE600 together, you’ll get a total bonus of $660 BTC for transferring $25,250 of USDC or USDT.

The 8.80% APY offered on USDC will also earn you $560 over the 90-day holding period.

Adding up the $660 BTC bonus and $560 in earned interest comes out to a total of $1,240, giving you a return of 19.30% APY for days!


I’m definitely taking advantage of this.

The best method to minimize costs is to convert $25,250 worth of GUSD to USDC held at my BlockFi account. BlockFi allows one free crypto withdrawal per calendar month and one free stablecoin withdrawal per month.

Both GUSD and USDC are stablecoins pegged to the US dollar on a 1:1 basis, so I avoid the price volatility that other cryptocurrencies have too.

Once I convert my GUSD to USDC, I’ll transfer the USDC to my Celsius account.

If you’re going to do this, just remember to enter all the promo codes in your Celsius account first.

Celsius Promo Code Terms & Conditions

  • Deposit bonuses are locked for 30 to 90 days (each promo has different lock periods)
  • Deposit bonuses are triggered by the addition of new funds
  • New funds must remain in the Celsius account for 30 days
  • Withdrawals exceeding the required transfer amount will cancel the bonus

The Bottom Line

If you’re taking advantage of these promo code bonuses and just want to earn interest on your crypto without the price volatility, I would only use stablecoins.

Stablecoins are a specific type of cryptocurrency where the value is pegged to an outside asset, like the U.S. dollar.

Gemini Dollar (GUSD) is an example of a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar at a ratio of 1:1. That means one GUSD is worth $1.

It was created by Gemini and is widely considered the first regulated stablecoin in the world – regulated by the New York Department of Financial Services.

Personally, I do exactly this with a portion of my money because stablecoins are more, um… stable and the interest rates offered are really attractive.

With that said, there are more inherent risks earning interest with crypto compared to putting money in a savings account at a traditional bank. This post shouldn’t be considered advice – please do your own due diligence.

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