Okcoin: Free NFT Giveaway + $25K in Crypto Prizes

Okcoin is partnering with Stacks Foundation to airdrop you a free NFT and a chance to win up to $10,000 in crypto. Here’s how you can take part.

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Gemini logo$15 BTC BonusLink
iTrustCapital logo$100 BonusLink
Coinbase logo$200 BTC BonusLink
eToro logo$10 BonusLink
TradeStation logoUp to $5,000 BonusLink
bitFlyer logo$15 BTCLink
Kraken logo$10 BTC BonusLink
Crypto.com logo$25 CRO BonusLink
Nexo logo$25 BTC BonusLink
Phemex logo$160 BonusLink
Luno logo$35 BTC BonusLink
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Okcoin & Stacks NFT Giveaway Overview

Okcoin and Stacks is partnering to airdrop free NFTs to your crypto wallets along with the chance to win up to $10,000 in crypto. You can win one of the following crypto prizes:

  • $5,000 in Arkadiko governance tokens (DIKO)
  • $5,000 in MiamiCoin (MIA)
  • $5,000 in Wrapped Bitcoin on Stacks (xBTC)
  • $10,000 in Bitcoin (BTC)

This promotion starts on February 3 at 9am PT and ends on February 17 at 11:59pm PT and is available to both new and existing Okcoin customers.

Your free NFT will be delivered to your wallets by February 18 by 12pm PT. Use your NFT to see if it unlocks one of the four prizes mentioned by February 25 at 12pm PT.

If you win, your crypto prize will be paid out by March 3 at 12pm PT.

Not an Okcoin user yet? Join now and get free Bitcoin as a sign-up bonus, see this post for additional details on the new account promo.

How To Get Free NFT Giveaway + Enter Crypto Prize Drawing:

  1. Follow Okcoin and Stacks on Twitter
  2. Set up a Hiro wallet for Web
  3. Make sure your Okcoin account has passed Identity Verification Level 2
  4. Complete the form here

What is Stacks?

Stacks is a blockchain ecosystem that allows powerful smart contracts to be built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. This leads to exciting DeFi initiatives like NFTs, stablecoins, and other sophisticated financial products to be combined with Bitcoin’s security.

Okcoin has been an early supporter of this and is forging a closer relationship with Stacks. They’re the first exchange to list Stacks’ token, STX, and remain the only exchange that list its two CityCoins projects, MiamiCoin and NYCCoin.

With NFTs coming to Stacks, Okcoin is being the early adopter again.

Learn more about Stacks NFTs

What is the Hiro wallet?

Hiro wallets is a component of Bitcoin DeFi on Stacks that allows you to:

  • safely manage your funds
  • interact with decentralized apps
  • send and receive crypto and NFTs

They’re completely free to use and straight-forward to set up.

The Bottom Line

I’ll be the first one to admit, when NFTs first came on the scene, I didn’t get it at all.

Like why are pictures of apes going for millions of dollars? Why did superstars that include Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and Steph Curry spend so much money to use it as their Twitter profile picture?

Ninja Note: I wanted to mention that all Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT owners get actual utility out of them too like access to an exclusive Discord server that acts like a lounge, member-only events, and private concerts.

But then why do really wealthy people drive a Lamborghini Gallardo when a Honda Accord will do fine to get from Point A to Point B?

I sort of get it now, although I don’t picture myself spending anywhere near those amounts for “just” a JPEG file.

I’ve been in to them more recently when Gemini and Nifty Gateway released the Awkward Astronauts collection as a free giveaway. I own three of them and they all come with interesting statistics and traits – a throwback to when I was a kid collecting baseball cards (and Marvel superhero cards) 🙂

Interested in crypto? Here’s my list of the best crypto exchange sign-up bonuses and here are other ways to get free cryptocurrency.

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